Temperature Controller and Spectrum Acquisition Project

This is a project of a system to control the spectrum acquisition used in hyperfine interaction research.

In this type of research, is necessary to control devices like temperature controllers and spectrum acquisition.

This software is intented to be a generic application for this scenario. The basic logic to activate or deactivate the spectrum aquisitor based in current temperature and elapsed time is in one kernel made in Java.

This kernel is not based in any specifc device. Device driver can be developed, and incorporated to this system.

Initially, only a Swing GUI is available. But any user interface may be used. Specially, there is a plan to create a web based user interface, to permit remote access and monitoring of spectrum aquisition.

Why this software is needed?

This software is part of a Master Thesis in Nuclear Tecnology. It will be used as soon as possible to substitute current old software that is used in IPEN institute in Brazil.

Current Status

The software is in initial development, but is spected to prepare one initial beta release in this year.

Main targets

  • Implement all functional requirements.
  • Use all design patterns that can become the code more easy to maintenance.
  • Automatic tests must coverage at least 90% of kernel code.

Secondary targets

  • The application may be remote accessible.
  • The application may be monitored in starndar network monitoring tools using SMNP protocol.